Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO

- More than 20 years of hands-on experience in finance and management
- Former Baidu Vice President and Co-Founder of Baidu Financial Services Group
- Former American Express Senior Vice President
- Ph.D in Physics and MBA in Finance from Michigan State University
- A member of the sea poly project of Beijing overseas talents
- Keynote speaker of the FED (the Federal Reserve) conference


Co-Founder, Board Member, Vice President & CSO

- 20 years of experience in risk management strategic planning
- Former General Manager of Baidu Financial Risk Strategy and Fintech Department
- Former Director of International Risk Management at American Express, more than 10 years’ tenure at China Bohai Bank and Bank of China
- Senior risk management lecturer, special consultant to Shanghai Pudong International Finance Institute
- Master’s degree in Statistics from Michigan State University


Co-Founder, Board Member, Vice President & Chief Scientist

- Over 10 years of experience in data mining, machine learning, modeling, and model validation
- Former General Manager of Baidu Financial Risk Modeling and Decision Science
- Former Director of Global Risk Oversight/ Enterprise Model Validation at American Express
- Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tsinghua University, Ph.D degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University

- Postdoctoral scholar and senior scientist at California Institute of Technology